Hi, I’m Breezy! Welcome to @Breezylovemusic.com! I’m so excited to be introducing myself to you on my very own website. I am a fifteen year old singer, songwriter, and actress from Winnetka IL. As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to sing. Whether I was on stage in a musical or just belting karaoke songs in my bedroom. It wasn’t until I was eight or so, watching the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” that I knew I wanted to be a singer. Nevertheless, whether I was on stage in a musical or just belting karaoke songs in my bedroom, I loved every second. Growing up in a town blessed with a wonderful theater program, I discovered my love for performing.  This sprouted into a lifelong love for theater. This love still continues today as I plan to take part in several productions this year with Another Door Theater Conservatory.  

Songwriting Passion Begins

In regards to songwriting, my passion jump started when I was in 7th grade.  I owned a cheap starter guitar. I knew basic chords but for the most part it stayed tucked away in the corner of my bedroom. After watching Taylor Swift’s “Journey to Fearless” documentary for the first time at age 13, I was instantly inspired.  A girl who was brave enough to say how she felt in songs, was the girl I wanted to be. Soon after I picked up the guitar and wrote my first song: “It’s Different”. The song was about a girl putting herself into a friend’s shoes and seeing everything differently.  Even through my guitar skills were far from impressive and my lyrics were simple, I found myself utterly in love with writing songs. Soon I was writing several songs a week; sending them to my friends who would soon know all the lyrics.  Songwriting became my therapy. It was my way of saying everything I was unable to say to people to their face.  

Nashville Here We Come!

At 14, I begged my parents to take me to Nashville so I could follow in the footsteps of my idols. That’s what I did.  With a pink binder entitled, “Breezy’s Original Songs”, my mom and I drove eight hours to the heart of country music.  I was so anxious to play, the first thing I did after arrival was sing in a city parking lot. A twist of fate led me into a boot store where the saleslady told us about Bobby’s Idol Hour. A place where I would be welcome to play.  She also mentioned Marc Allen Barnette; a talented man who conducted specialized tours around town to help artists jump start their careers.  The next day, I arrived at Bobby’s Idol Hour and low and behold, Marc was there! After watching other artists and preforming, I Introduced myself.  My luck, The next day he had an opening and we met.  It was there that he taught me about the music business and how to write better songs.

So many firsts would arise from meeting Marc Allen Barnette.  My first time in a recording studio, first time cowriting, and my first time going on wild adventures like visiting a farm. Ever sense my first visit to Nashville, I would meet with Marc regularly to cowrite and learn preformace skills and songwriting craft.  I was able to preform at more venues, including The Commodore Hotel, The Blue Moon Water Front Grille, and yet again Bobby’s Idol Hour.  With each visit, I met new people absorbed more and more knowledge about music and songwriting. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with Marc on my first single: “Small Town With A Great Big Heart”. This song celebrates my wonderful hometown of Winnetka IL. The song highlights what I find most intriguing about Winnetka, for instance, the movies Home Alone and Farris Buller’s Day Off  were shot there. That turned into the line, “Hollywood’s thinking we got perfect homes, that’s where Farris Buller was home alone.”

Recent Opportunities

I’ve been very fortunate to have been given several different performance opportunities recently. This is largely in part of my hometown and the people amongst it who have supported my music and I by allowing me to preform at the Winnetka Music Festival, the Winnetka 4th of July Parade singing the National Anthem, headlining at the YO’s End of The Year Bash, and the YO’s Beach Bash Party, as well as gigs in Skokie, including at Starbucks.  

What’s To Come…

Currently I’m having a blast absorbing all I can about music where ever I go! Aside from my newly released single “Small Town With a Great Big Heart”, I plan to release new music soon and keep up with my youtube account (@Breezylovemusic). I am grateful to everyone who has ever opened their ears towards my music and supports me in my passion. Whatever life brings my way, I’m just having a great time writing, performing, and learning. Thank you.